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3 min readDec 31, 2021


Guide to use the primenumbers presale platform

1- First of all we need to add a custom RPC to our XDCpay or Metamask!

Link to XDCPay
Network Data:
Chain id: 50

Add XDC network to metamask:

Tutorial for metamask mobile:


2- After that we need a pool for the pre-sale:

Use these pools to get a better price:

Pool 1:

Pool 2:

Pool 3:

Connect using XDCPay or what you want. Same for metamask

3- Doing the purchase:

Put the amount of XDC that you want to put in the pre-sale.

4- Accept Terms & Conditions:

Introduce your email and read the terms & conditions, then press Accept.

5- Confirm Transaction

Press Submit.

6- Done

Congratulations! Now you only need to wait and you will receive $PRNT before listing event!
Token distribution: 12th January
Listing event: 14th January

Explanation of pool system:

Private vs Public pools

Participants can create a private pool in which they can control who has access to participate up to the maximum amount of 1.000.000 XDC. To utilize network effects and get a lower average token price, participants can also create a public pool. Every participant in a public pool can invite others.

Pre-sale round example

The token price will range from 45XDC to 38XDC, based on the extent of pooling.

As shown in the image below, the token price will decrease gradually when more funds are added to the pool. This means that participants will receive a number of tokens that is based on the token price of the particular pool they participate in.




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