A Few Words on PRIME’s Acquisition of AMS Electric

I am pleased to announce that Prime Electric “PRIME” has acquired Bay Area based AMS Electric. The joining of our two firms increases the collection of resources, assets, and experience available for both our company’s benefit and to the benefit of our customers. Our new website can be viewed at www.primeelectric.com.

The strong economic direction of both the Puget Sound region and the Bay Area, only serve to underscore the strategic benefit this acquisition serves. Over the past decade, the two regions have become linked by commercial, high tech, and biotechnology clientele, all of whom have been consistently asking both firms for the ability to be supported in the other’s region. This union gives PRIME the ability to provide that service to our customers.

Life @ Prime Electric:

  • A mantra based on ‘continuous improvement.’ We are obsessed with find ways to get better at what we do.
  • PRIME has experienced Top and Bottom Line growth of 5X since the current ownership group purchased the firm in 2005.
  • Prime Electric’s rollout of “PRIME Logistics” in 2009 (which is a back of house support structure integrating and streamlining Purchasing, Pre-fabrication, Packaging and Warehousing), has lowered material cost by 8–10% and Labor costs by 12–18%.
  • PRIME has been rated in the top 5 firms in Washington State’s Best Work Places by its own personnel the last four years in a row.

Life @ AMS Electric:

  • A young startup in 2003, the firm has built a $70M specialty construction firm within the Bay Area Construction Industry over the last decade.
  • Known for the prowess of their experienced and client-oriented in-house engineering department, 85% of AMS’s contracts utilize an integrated Design-Build delivery model…
  • With two separate local offices, and nearly 200 Electricians working out of (5) separate and distinct union jurisdictions spanning five counties, AMS is truly a Bay Area Company.

It is very difficult to go out and find a company that exhibits PRIME’s obsession with customer service and follow through, but we have done just that with AMS.

We are so proud of the fact that all principals from both firms, have been outspoken about moving forward with the new organization and making a mark upon “Who we become” and “What we achieve.”

As we move forward as one organization, PRIME looks forward to providing the highest level of service, and reducing our cost of execution to all of our clientele with collaboration, communication and a firm commitment to delivering each client’s vision on time and within their budget.

Eric N. Reichanadter, President
PRIME Electric