PRIME Electric, Inc. (Seattle, WA) acquires AMS Electric, Inc. (San Jose, CA) .


  • The structure of the deal is a Share Purchase and Share Exchange Agreement where both firms exchange shares between one another.
  • A holding company, Prime Group, Inc. (PGI) was created in 2015 to act as a parent company. Prime Electric, Inc. (WA) and AMS Electric, Inc. (CA) will be subsidiaries of PGI. All firms are utilizing an S-Corp Structure.
  • Prime Electric, Inc. is the larger firm in terms of revenues, infrastructure, personnel resources, and financial assets. The approximate ratio is 4:1.
  • The effective date of the transaction was January 1, 2016.
  • This union is a collection of resources and assets to achieve a greater sum. All principals with both firms will be remaining with the firm going forward. Individuals and roles with the firm are highlighted below.
  • AMS Electric will be re-branded as Prime Electric or “PRIME” effective immediately. There will be some references to joint logos on publications and company correspondence for a period of time extending into the future.
  • A refreshed website designed to announce the union of the firms and highlight the combined capabilities of the organization can be found at:
  • Due to strong economies within both regions as well as a general growth strategy within the company, neither region has any plans in the works for reducing headcount (office or field) for several years. The firms both are actively recruiting for additional project management, project support as well as field resources.

Senior Principals: (Available for Contact)

Eric Reichanadter Prime Electric, Inc.
President, Majority Principal | (425) 747–5200

William Breyton AMS Electric, Inc.
CEO, Sr. Principal | (925) 961–1600

Michael Broberg Prime Electric, Inc.
CFO, Sr. Principal | (425) 747–5200

Strategic Alignment:

Cross due diligence among both firms has been going on for over 18 months, to ensure that financial stability, accurate project backlogs, cash flow analysis and cultural elements are all in line.

Both firms are on growth paths due to strong economic conditions within their respective regions.

Both firms are strategically aligned around similar business models:

  • Extensive project 3-Dimensional BIM & Revit Modeling
  • Investment in large pre-fabrication and packaging infrastructure
  • Diversified ownership to support leadership stability
  • Quarterly Business Plan modeling
  • Frequent detailed job cost projections and adjustments
  • Performance-based compensation systems
  • Strong Employee benefits and empowerment culture
  • All principals will be remaining with the firm for an extended time into the future.
  • The last decade, the Bay Area and Puget Sound regions have become linked by commercial, high tech and biotechnology clientele that have been consistently asking both firms for the ability to be supported in the other region. This union, gives PRIME the ability to provide this service.

Quotes from Principals

Eric Reichanadter

“It is very difficult to go out and find a company that exhibits PRIME’s obsession with customer service and follow through. AMS clearly shares this passion and has built a very impressive customer following this past decade.”
“PRIME is driven by a culture of ‘continuous improvement.’ We are always looking for ways to get better at what we do. AMS and their Bay Area clientele provide the opportunity for substantial economies of scale, which will allow us to reduce our costs in serving all of our clients.”

Bill Breyton

“Our joining with Prime Electric will allow us to provide our customers the same premium service they have come to expect from us but on a much larger scale.”
“Joining the Prime Electric organization was a natural fit because our personnel, procedures and most importantly our cultures, are so similar.”

Michael Broberg

“Liquidity is the life blood of a specialty contractor. We have taken strategic and disciplined steps to ensure that PRIME can meet and exceed all expectations from our new west coast client base.”
“The discipline in the job cost structure that we have installed the last decade, has led to a substantially lower risk profile, as well as an increased in our bottom line and equity retention.”

PRIME: Company Information

Overview: Prime Electric is a premier union affiliated electrical construction firm that focuses on commercial construction work within the Puget Sound region. Their business model is based on seven diversified operating groups that provide a full spectrum of services for its clientele.

  • Founded in 1987 in Issaquah, WA as Prime Electric, Inc. by three local service electricians from other Puget Sound Electrical Companies.
  • Service area is the greater Puget Sound Region.
  • Eric Reichanadter joins the firm as President & CEO in 2005.
  • Eric Reichanadter/Mike Broberg purchased the company from original founders in 2007.
  • The firm’s reference changed from Prime Electric to “PRIME” in 2012 to reflect other construction concentrations added to the firm’s service offerings in addition to electrical (Technology, Outside Plant, and Service Department)
  • Over the last decade, PRIME has strategically developed its “PRIME Logistics” group, which encompasses four departments: Pre-fabrication, Packaging, Purchasing and Warehouse. By integrating the planning, approach and support from these departments, PRIME has excelled substantially the last decade in its ability to deliver a more efficient, lean construction approach with significant cost reductions.
  • Main Headquarters: 13301 SE 26th Street Bellevue, WA
  • Ancillary Office/Warehouse: 13221 SE 26th Street Bellevue, WA

Operating Divisions: PRIME is a full service electrical/systems contractor that offers services in:

  • Large Project Design-Build Electrical Construction
  • Technology & Low Voltage Systems
  • Outside Plant Electrical, Underground & ITS Systems
  • Commercial Electrical Service

Banking: Washington Trust Bank — Seattle, WA — 25 year relationship

Brokerage: Parker Smith & Feek — Bellevue, WA — 25 year relationship

Surety: Berkley Surety Group — Morristown, NJ — 10 year relationship


  • NECA Safety Recipient 4 Awards Last 25 Years
  • Washington’s Fastest Growing Companies 4 Awards Last 10 years
  • Washington State’s Best Workplaces 4 Awards Last 5 years

6 Year Sales Growth: (See Chart)

PRIME 6 year Sales Growth


Mike Austin Group Executive, Associate Principal

Michael Broberg CFO, Sr. Principal

Ed Gutekanst Group Executive, Associate Principal

Eric Reichanadter President & Majority Principal

Gregg Steeb CLO (Logistics), Associate Principal

Daniel Thomas Group Executive, Principal

Dave Woodey COO, Principal

Oliver Whitehead Group Executive, Associate Principal

Primary affiliations:

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
  • National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)

AMS: Company Information

Overview: AMS Electric is a Bay Area-based union affiliated electrical construction firm that focuses on commercial construction work within the General Bay Area Market. Their business extends across four primary counties (Santa Clara, Alameda, San Mateo and San Francisco). The predominant product type is large project Design Build construction.

  • Founded in 2003 in Pleasanton, CA by four experienced industry executives from the local Bay Area. Three of the original founders (Ayers, Breyton and Stellato) remain with the firm today.
  • Bob Hashemi joined the firm in 2008, and filled the role of Director of Engineering and brought in-house engineering to AMS for the first time. Bob and his Engineering team remain to this day, executing the designs on 85% of all company volume.
  • AMS’s strength is its Design-Build prowess and ability to customize a design to an owner’s vision, model it into a buildable shape and build it on time and within budget.
  • Main Headquarters: 6905 Sierra Court Dublin, CA 94568
  • Silicon Valley Office: 2023 O’Toole Avenue San Jose, CA 95131

6 Year Sales Growth: (See Chart)


Rick Ames Pre-Construction, Associate Principal

Craig Ayers Group Executive, Principal

William Breyton CEO, Sr. Principal

Don Dixon Group Executive, Principal

Bob Hashemi Director of Engineering, Principal

John MacDonald Director of Purchasing, Associate Principal

Mike Stellato Director of Field Ops, Principal

Primary affiliations:

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)
  • National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)


Photo: Eric Reichanadter

Photo: William Breyton

Photo: Michael Broberg

PRIME Project Photo’s with descriptions: Attach (6–8) significant Projects

AMS Project Photo’s with descriptions: Attached (4–6) significant Projects

PRIME 6 year sales chart (above)

AMS 6 year sales chart (above)

Bill Breyton | CEO, Principal
Mike Broberg | CFO
Eric Reichanadter | President
333 Brannon | San Francisco, CA
Veeva Systems | Pleasanton, CA
Intuit Marine Way | Mountain View, CA
UC Berkeley Art Museum | Berkeley, CA
1101 Westlake | Seattle, WA
University of Washington Husky Stadium | Seattle, WA
Group Health Puyallup | Puyallup, WA
BE Aerospace | Everett, WA
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