PrimoPhoto — launching February 20th, 2016

Simplify Your iPhone iPad Photo Management with PrimoPhoto — Media Kit

Hello Editors and Friends,

I’m Kelly Woods from PrimoSync, a young startup team that struggles to design something beautiful and meaningful. The first product (I prefer to calling it a new idea) we try to present to you is our PrimoPhoto — A game changer that brings great solutions to manage your iPhone, iPad photos and videos.

Get straight to the point, the first question is:

Why We Make PrimoPhoto?

Every good product manager understands that building product is all about helping people to improve lives by conquering troubles, to make happiness by saving their time and money. We know that too. So our very early idea was ignited by this little and trifling warning message:

Cannot Take Photo — There is not enough available storage to take a photo. You can manage your storage in Settings.

Many colleagues in our team have met this error message when we try to take new photos with iPhone but the storage is just about running out. Then we sit down together, taken quite a few hours to brainstorm what problems people may have when using their iPhone (especially for the photo parts). As a result, we listed up 27 routine iPhone photo management troubles, minor or major, and put them into four general categories:

#1 Managing iPhone Photos with iTunes is Like a Nightmare

“90% Users Are Not Get Satisfied with iTunes File Syncing Method.”

Sometimes it’s ridiculous to manage iPhone photos with Apple’s default methods: to offload your photos from iPhone to your computer, you need Photos; but to add new photos to iPhone you have to use iTunes; every time you sync photos with iTunes, existing photos will be lost; iTunes photo syncing speed is impressively SLOW.

#2 Your Photos Doesn’t Have Solid Backup

“20% of people have deleted photos by mistake.”

Considering Photo Stream only contains the last 1000 photos you took in the past 30 days. After it hits this limit, it will begin deleting the oldest photos as more photos get added into photo stream. iCloud Photo Library comes as backup but you’ll still risk losing your photos because when you delete a photo on iCloud on one place, it will disappear forever on all your devices.

#3 Live Photos are Brilliant But Not Shareable

“Live Photos are not shareable through email, message and whatsapp.”

Live Photos give new surprises to your still photos with motion and sound. But so far only Apple devices support relive you memories with this format. MMS cannot send Live Photos; Email and Whatsapp will turn your motion images to .jpg still pictures; Android phones and Internet browsers give no luck on your brilliant photos.

#4 iPhone is Running Out of Storage Space

More than 70% users reclaim free space by deleting photos and apps.
“91% of iPhone users in UK have just 16GB or less of storage” (O2/Telefonica)

Nearly nine in ten of iPhone users choose 16GB capacity model, and more than 80% of them have insufficient storage troubles. However, probably none of them have noticed that there are tons of temporary, cached and orphaned photo junks sit there eating up their iPhone space. Take an easy example, when using the filter feature in Photos, iOS will create 4 copies of the photo you edited. That way, you may waste hundreds of MB storage just for something you won’t use.

What Solutions PrimoPhoto Offers?

By taking advantages of our coding and designing skills, we set out to build up our first product by hoping that this simple piece of software could solve these everyday hassles, or at least, make some changes upon these inconveniences. As a result, through three months developing, coding and designing, here comes your new and exciting iPhone, iPad photo manager — PrimoPhoto.

See what is PrimoPhoto capable of?

#1 Importing / Exporting iPhone Photos with iTunes or Photos

PrimoPhoto comes to give an amazing collection of iPhone, iPad photo management solutions, where one click can put your photos wherever you want. Say from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to / from your Windows or Mac computer. The best part is, you’re allow to sort your photos by album, file size, name, taken time, etc.

#2 Turning Live Photos and other videos to Shareable GIFs

PrimoPhoto allows to make GIF from Live Photos and other videos at ease. You can now share your Live Photos with your friends on iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Tumblr and many more.

#3 Freeing Up Space on iPhone

PrimoPhoto is the iPhone Photo Manager that powers everything you do on your iPhone. With the first-of-one-kind iPhone cleaning feature, it’s simple to free up space on your iPhone and reclaim more storage. And it works seamlessly with your iOS versions and devices.

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