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iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download, and organize digital audio and video (as well as other types of media available on the iTunes Store) on personal computers running the OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

For the most users, in the most cases, iTunes is a delightful choice to let users enjoy all the entertainment it offers. However, if one app is made up to do everything, how could it perfect anything?

Apple’s iTunes desktop app is notorious for trying to be everything to everyone, all the time: music, books, apps, videos purchasing, syncing, and a lot more.

Here are some app concepts, some were created by interface design students at FH Potsdam in 2015:

#1 Albums — A redesign of iTunes allowing you to listen only to complete albums.

iTunes has a lot of functionality and features, but some of us prefer to listen to complete albums. While browsing your music library, you can can filter by artists or albums. But the album view doesn’t clearly separate the artists, and the artists view shows the full tracklist for each album, which wastes a lot of space and means that you can’t get an overview of all of an artist’s albums at a glance. Further, an album is a closed work of art with its own story, but iTunes doesn’t adequately present this.

ALBUMS combines the best of iTunes’ albums and artists views to let you listen to complete albums. Artists are divided according to their own discography with all albums ordered by release dates and visualized in an interactive timeline that quickly gives the user an idea of how many albums were released and how much time elapsed between the releases. Additional information is presented in a unique color scheme for every album, and similar albums can be discovered through an endless browsing experience. Hard but smart, you can’t skip tracks, though, as the playlist accepts complete albums only.

#2 Simplay — Simplay is the simplest way to play your music.

If you want to listen to local music files with iTunes, it will add them to your library automatically. But you don’t always want it to do so. For example to listen to the recordings of a friend’s last band rehearsal.

The approach in Simplay was to extract the audio player from iTunes, add basic features like controls, seek bar, queue, etc. and give it a clear and elegant GUI. The user can add songs by dragging them onto the player or double clicking them directly. To rearrange the Queue the user just drags songs to another position. The highlight color of the controls represents the colors of the album art. The seek bar displays the waveforms of the currently playing song.

#3 PrimoMusic — simplifies the sync process between iTunes library and your IOS devices.

Have your favorite songs saved on multiple computers, but your iPod, or iPhone, can only be synced with one of them? PrimoMusic helps to transfer your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U, audiobooks, and more, right onto your Apple devices, without the bother of iTunes. This way, you won’t worry about your original media content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, get overwritten.

Just recovered from a system failure, or switched to a new computer, and would like to rebuild your music collection? PrimoMusic lets you rescue your music, movies, podcasts and much more, in a way simple and flexible by instantly copying from iPhone, iPad, or your iPod to your computer.

Connect an Apple device to your computer, start PrimoMusic, find and choose the content you’d like to export by song, by playlist or by album, give one more tap and you’ll be set free to recovery your lost content, right from your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy your podcasts, movies, and TV shows, especially your music with personalized playlists, ratings and play counts. In case any unexpected “disaster” happens to your iTunes library, PrimoMusic brings two simple solutions to help you rebuild it up.


Although iTunes fits 90% users’ need, more or less, the reason we’d like to rethink this legendary utility is that, maybe for the rest of 10% users, we can offer them a varied version of iTunes alternative, like Albums, Simplay, PrimoMusic, etc. Have any thought on iTunes, drop a line in comments.

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