Transportation Industry Technology May Promote Driver Safety

Based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Primus Technologies provides clients in the technology, transportation, aerospace, and healthcare sectors with electronic manufacturing services. Through its partnership with transportation industry companies, Primus Technologies is able to aid in the production of safety protocol systems that continue to make automobiles safer than ever before.

According to a 2016 article posted on the United Service Automobile Association, several modern tech features in vehicles developed as a result of the industry’s shift toward autonomous driving have the opportunity to improve safety for today’s drivers as an added benefit. For example, electronic stability control and park assist features may provide added safety to new drivers who have less experience with handling a vehicle. Likewise, 360-degree cameras, lane departure notifications, and blind spot alerts can be extremely useful for older drivers or those who have mobility challenges. Tools like drowsiness alerts and improved headlights that adapt to road conditions for maximum illumination can provide help those who often drive at night reach destinations safely.

Professionals predict these kinds of new safety technologies are just the beginning for the transportation industry. Some predict the future will bring even more advanced features to automobiles, including dynamic crash-avoidance systems, real-time alerts for changing traffic and road conditions, and augmented reality windshields that could reduce the need to look at a vehicle’s dashboard.

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