Full English?

Thatcher didn’t believe in Society, the individual was all that mattered. Everyman for himself. Everyone gets what they want, if not you didn’t want it badly enough.

Through the systematic breakdown of societies, communities, unions and industries Thatcher continues to suffocate and suppress from beyond the grave.

Our reward for worshipping material wealth is material wealth. Opium for the masses. Descent health care and welfare for all, a good education for the next generation, secure affordable housing, job security, modern infrastructure and a comfortable retirement is for losers. He who dies with the most stuff wins.

The two most powerful words in advertising are free and new, much of New Labour’s appeal was the New bit, I remember watching Tony Blair rock up to No. 10 in a Ford Galaxy, guitar case in hand, great first impression. Unfortunately the Thatcher neoliberal game plan soon took to the field this time wearing the away strip.

The difficulty Labour have now of appealing to the same floating voter is the old associations with struggle and strife, bearded lefties, folk music, flying pickets and general strikes. Being selfish is far more straightforward, look after No. 1, charity begins at home. Voting Tory is synonymous with having made it, joining the ranks of the self-made, taking the stabilisers off, monthly contract not PAYG, a status symbol as meaningless as the colourful medals worn by the Royal family.

The logical conclusion of the Thatcher project is a break up of the Union, it may be too late to save. Calls for a concerted attack on the Tories could be the turning point. If we can have a coalition government, why not a coalition opposition, strength in numbers, common cause, reverse the shift from the individual back to the collective. ‘The things that bind us together are much stronger than those which tear us apart’, to paraphrase Jo Cox, rest in peace.

Collaboration has novelty appeal, a rainbow coalition. The public are in an experimental phase, desperate for change. If Labour can get its act together and resist the neoliberal ambush, there’s real possibility to challenge the Tories.

The Tories are deeply divided, a house of cards built on sand, window dressing has inticed curious shoppers into the store to browse the offers, only to find it’s the same old tat in a different wrapper. The honeymoon will be over by Christmas.

Labour should offer the olive branch to others parties, excluding UKIP, frame a New Democratic Union, Full English, Full Scottish, Full Welsh and Full Northern Irish. A new United Kingdom, a renaissance, an end the Thatcherism.