If the PLP were a Plc it would be bankrupt

Any business whose employees devote their energy to fighting the MD rather than fighting the competition is doomed. A boss with no option but to suck up punishment in isolation is on a hiding to nothing.

Jeremy Corbyn is an accidental hero, striking a chord that resonates with millions. A good tune on an old fiddle. The themes are familiar and uplifting, a fairer society that works for all, a green and pleasant land free at the point of use, how to crystallise these noble ideals is not so clear.

Corbyn is a catalyst, a wake up call, a shot of adrenaline, a conductor not a one man band.

The burden of expectation on one individual is unreasonable, now is the time for loyalists to stick their head above the parapet. The recent battlefield promotions, the new recruits, the heroes and heroines need to take some flack and start defining Labour’s goals & objectives, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time based. New ideas, thought provoking, inspiring. Vision and values. A reason to believe.

For followers the emotional connection to Corbyn is sufficient to guarantee support, for the sceptical majority detail is required, ‘what’s in it for me?’ The opportunity to develop policy is right now, nothing to lose, the bolder the better. Great ideas are born in adversity, necessity is the mother of invention.

To achieve greatness Labour desperately needs a facilitator, business schools and are awash with them, someone to corral the energy and channel in a positive direction. If Labour were a business the road to salvation would be mapped in an afternoon.

Opposition should be more than 5 years jury service, adjudicating from the comfort of the moral high ground. Opposition should offer credible desirable alternatives, challenging the premise not just finessing the granular detail.

Labour needs to embrace enterprise, nurture talent and develop a collaborative and supportive environment for ideas, entrepreneurs and businesses to hatch, thrive and flourish. Wealth creation not just distribution.

Team Corbyn needs to come out fighting, the public need to know that Labour means business.