In an earlier article , I stressed the need for a unified opposition, if the APC wants to kick out the PDP in Delta state. But recent happenings have shown that there are factions and conflicting interests in Delta state APC, which is the last thing the party needs, as chieftains and party leaders should be engaged in consultations and planning strategies on how to successfully contest the 2019 polls in Delta state. Its time for Chieftains of the All Progressive Congress in Delta State to sheathe their swords and embrace peace. It is extremely necessary if the party has any real interest in attaining power in 2019. As we have seen with recent news of mass defections in the NASS, the unity of the party is being put to test, and failure to emerge successfully from this test, will be tantamount to failure in the 2019 polls in the state. The PDP is seemingly united and watching in amusement at a potential implosion of the party right before the elections. Leaders must save their energy and not lose focus of what’s in sight, a bigger and much more important contest is at hand. The fight to wrestle power from those who have decided to run the state into the ground. That’s why I call on every member of the party to honor the decision of the National Chairman Comrade Adams Oshiomole in swearing in Prophet Jones Erue as the State Chairman of the party and work together to achieve the objective of the party at the 2019 polls. The interest of Delta state trumps whatever personal interests we may have.
 For the past 19 years, the PDP has displayed a total lack of commitment to the development of the state. Since the PDP came to power in Delta state in 1999, what remarkable feat have they achieved? I dare you to name just one. Lack of proper drainages transform Sapele into a pool when it rains, showing a total lack of commitment to infrastructural development. Lack of innovative ideas from successive administrations has made the state to rely heavily on revenue from crude oil and federal allocations. No progressive policies to put the state on a path to development. The PDP administration is more concerned with plundering the states resources than actual governance. The PDP is an association of friends who have decided to put personal interest ahead of that of the state. A lot of these men own mansions all over the world acquired with state funds, but Delta state can’t boast of a government-built estate. We can’t continue this way. States are creating innovative ways of providing goods and services through strategic partnerships. The rice planting collaboration between Lagos and Kebbi states is one of such. While in Delta state, we are still battling with non-payment of salaries, how distasteful.
 If the members of Delta State government had any vision, they would have identified the gridlock caused by trailers along the Apapa expressway as an opportunity for the state. The state has a seaport in Sapele and a port in Warri, they would have made collaborative efforts with Federal Government and private entities for the rehabilitation and development of those ports which would have opened the state up to international trade and massively improve the fortunes of the state. Recently we’ve seen the commitment of the Chinese towards infrastructural development in Africa, I imagine such a project will be of interest to them, considering the economic benefits of such a project. When you also take into consideration the amount of trade our brothers in the South-East engage in, its not rocket science to see how beneficial the ports would be not just to Delta state, but the rest of the Southern Nigeria. A fully functional port will create jobs, increase standard of living of people, boost the economy of the state and attract investments too. 
Recently a 15-year-old genius Master Okorogheye Orisheneye David has been all over the news for his academic excellence, scoring all As in the 9 subjects he offered for WAEC exams and a score of 332/400 in his JAMB examination. One would have expected that as an indigene of Delta State, this young chap would have been honored by the state government with at least a fully paid scholarship which would also encourage others to work hard and show that the state government is fully committed to Education, which is a vital tool for development of any region, but nothing of such has been done, seeing as the administration isn’t one to reward excellence and hard work.
Its for these reasons that all APC chieftains who genuinely have the interest of Delta state at heart must drop their differences and work together to rescue our state from the path of doom. Any true Deltan knows the only way to unseat the PDP is for the opposition to be united, all personal interests must be dropped, and the interest of the party should be of utmost concern to all members. The APC already has a visionary leader in its ranks, one who hasn’t been stained with corruption and greed, one who has statewide acceptance unlike any other politician in the state. Chief Great Ogboru is the one man who can successfully wrestle power from the PDP. With his statewide and grassroot appeal and the backing of a stronger opposition, there’s no better time to wrestle power from the PDP than now. I say wrestle because its going to be a fight till the last, the PDP has no plan to relinquish power easily since they must cover up the heinous crimes they have committed in the state. I saw a statement that said the APC wants to use Ogboru as the axe to bring down PDP in Delta state. Indeed, if there’s any man who can do the job of cutting down the PDP, its Chief Ogboru, but for him to succeed, he needs all hands on deck to work for the victory of the party. We must form a united front as an opposition and speak with one voice, only then can we successfully end the perpetual rot in our state. Do not be deceived by those asking for zoning of the Guber ticket, anyone campaigning for the zoning of the APC Guber ticket, is campaigning for a PDP victory. Open your eyes and mind. Delta state is referred to as The Big Heart, but right now, this Big Heart is barely beating, it will take a collaborative and focused effort to ensure that this Big Heart beats again.