It is said that genius comes from many places. Sometimes from ourselves comes forth the most amazing & brilliant ideas that some might question their root all together. Today I bring to you the theory of the Muse, and how the energy of genius flows differently from our bodies by way of the tools of which we craft with. I encourage you to formulate your own thoughts on this matter as you read and if you would be so kind as to leave a comment following this article, I would be most appreciative.

As an amateur author or writer, I’ve dabbled in many things… from songs to articles to business plans and more, all with their own identities to draw their own types of crowds. From time to time, like all writers, I will have writers block. But like everyone else, I take a break to let my mind breathe, and I’ll find a new way to write. …


Willo Grim

Activist • Artist • Author [W.P. Grimaldi] Writer of Wisdom & Randomness! Changer of Minds. #iWillo

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