Welcome to The Drill.

The Drill is a response to an art world that has gradually become a production-centric industry, that keeps on demanding so much from its practitioners, with little consideration for their wellbeing. As an alternative learning system, it is a clarion call to artists, creative directors, curators…

I'll Start at the End

I’ll start at the end.

You hugged me.
You walked into me,
Sat on my laps
And wrapped yourself around me.
Days on the road had not been kind to me.
Weeks on the road had not been kind to us.
For a month we waited for this hug.
For a month…

You asked me why I did it.

I know that I have given you a couple of answers, but I still am not satisfied with them. Ever since you asked me that question, I have been asking myself the same over and over again, until it finally struck me today…

I knew they were up to no good. I knew I should have stayed up, but my eye lids were just too heavy. It was one of those unfortunate times when my body joined in on a grand conspiracy against me.

What ticked me off? Yes. The way they knocked…

I am writing again. Kinda.

The other day (last year), while speaking with Servio on the phone, I realised that there is a book project which I could be part of. I told him to sign me up for it. But there’s a big problem. I couldn’t tell him that…

“The only thing

A man needs

Is a suitcase

& a soul.”

-Emmanuel Iduma

I do not have a suitcase and I have been reliably informed that I lack a heart and a soul. In place of a suitcase, I have a backpack and in place of a heart (and…

Innocent Ekejiuba

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