Soldiers of misfortune

Soldiers of misfortune

They sold their birth-right

Agents of darkness fearing the light

An inadvertent rigmarole for a fight

They fought for nothing, not even for respite

After getting caught for robbing us blind

So I taste the annoyance of my contingent appetite

I am always hungry

Hungry for a life of ease

Not for myself but the masses

Pardon my ranting

I accuse no one but crooks in the corridors

They are drunk, not power drunk

Else they would have choked on the fumes from their generators

They are crooks, petty ones

Said he, it’s ordinary stealing not corruption

Yet gone are so many billions

They have no honour

They have no shame

Dare I say shame

A word they know nothing about

Junketing overseas, always gallivanting around

Selective dissonance

They do the devil’s work

On the altar of their own greed

Impossible resonance

Their own people they ignore

The poor bereft of allowance

Unchain my imaginations

Release the shackles of fate

Of what use is a car with no brakes

They just want to standstill

Yet they are going downhill

I don’t cry much

I am a man with an uncommon force

Pardon my dry tear duct

Incumbency lays upon my shoulders

But demons we encounter

Not demons really but not too far off

Wished we to awake from the slumber

We sleep on in hope

Hope for respite for our souls

For the masses living in a hellhole

Shame to bad people

Our dignity we will console