Bugs & Life & Sweetness

Gotta figure evry momentya got is likeya are a biddy widdy bug crawlin’ around the place.

Back is mebbe so far back you got lost, an’ forward (the ultimate kind, like inya final years) ain’t revealed itself jus’ yet.

So you chitter chatter ‘cross the plain, antennae flippin’ out for sensory smarts, anya meet up with other bugs along the way … an’ booby doo.

Only two ways to be in this simplified life story analogy — scootin’ around all booby doo or spinnin’ onya back withya legs flappin’ at air, all kinda stuck.

Whenya done here, prolly you gonna meet up with summa these other bugs jus’ like you, all makin’ their way from A to B, life to death, chitter chatter chitter chatter.

See sumone on their back, kinda stuck — mebbe help ’em up, K?

Bugs don’t get to be sweet an’ un-buglike less’n they do sweet shit…