Body Modifications

(Now in my actual account)

From plastic surgery, to getting earrings put in, there’s a lot I’ve done to my body so far. A lot I still intend to do to it. A lot I just wish I could do to it, like changing my whole face. Yet the one thing that’s stuck with me the most? Earrings.

I have breast implants, a nose job, a future vagina in the works, and a tattoo — which isn’t a small thing when you’re Jewish. Yet the thing I obsess about the most is the two little bits of metal I got shoved into my ear. Because those are the only things I got for other people.

Girls are expected to have pierced ears. It’s a pressure literally put on us from birth, with actual babies getting their ears pierced. I got asked why my parents didn’t do it when I was a baby, in fact, which made me go “YES. PASSING.” But also “Please stop talking, you’re reminding me what society expects of my gender.”

I literally got plastic surgery to make my boobs bigger. It made me feel more like myself and it brought me joy. Yet I got my ears pierced, and all I can think of is the societal pressure that told me I needed them.

Not that I regret it.My best friend got me some beautiful earrings that I really wanted to wear. They’re little shells. I just think that it’s telling — of all the changes I’ve made to myself, of all the changes I wish I could make, the one thing that’s stuck with me is two little pieces of metal in my ear. Because they’re only necessary since my culture says so.

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