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Insomnia plaguing me since forever dwindled away slowly.
My night devils stopped agonising me.
I immersed in the sweet symphony of this elixir.
As I sluggishly yank the cord attached to the blinds on the window the next morning,
The murky daylight glistening my bedroom,
Threw a ray upon my desultory eyes.
The nightcap, the sweet sweet nightcap soon wore off.
I staggered taking in my crumbling realm around me.
My jalopy thoughts botching up my day. Again.
Clashing feelings bubble. Distilled. Ready to bottle.
A small whimper drizzled my weather bitten lips.
The vinyl playing, 'Afrodisiac' fixed on a sweet turntable,
Came to my rescue.
I fled along with the warm chords.
The vibrations stretching me to vast galaxies.
An ephemeral melodious truth, shorter than a bad blind date.
Hiding the smiles of yesterday.
Tragedy resembled fermata, filling the room with sacred stillness.
The sultry merlot added to my honeyed relaxation.
I chuckled at my muckibus state.
I Sucked on solace, a sour vinegar popsicle.
The entrenchment of social stratification slashed my life’s tapestry in shambles.
An ingénue not doing drugs but the pills.
Self-pity and cruelty smoothed the way to my appalling behaviour.
I try hard to push away my pathological inability to let go of the past.
My mental fatigue leaves me aghast
Even though I sometimes laugh.

Written by

A boozy sommelier pouring poetry.

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