Appreciate People and Have Fun #hackleadership @rwright @elainearchambau #therealwilhelminapicard

I’m very fortunate to work with some amazing, patient, funny people who are very dedicated to their learning communities. This Monday we celebrated Assistant Principal Appreciation Day. I can’t tell you if this was the official, official day or if this was our homemade version of it, but it doesn’t matter. Every once in a while it’s just fun focus in on people and make them smile. Our three assistant principals, @rwright, @elainearchambau and #therealwilhelminapicard, are tremendous advocates for students in our schools. They bring a passion and energy to their work that is worthy of so much more recognition than they ever truly receive. For that…we mess up your offices and buy you a used trophy…and make you smile…and thank you very sincerely…and continue to laugh through the year. Thank you.