Cell Phone Only 5 Day Challenge inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk

That’s my “excited…I think” face

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I’m constantly reading, watching and following efficiency blogs, experts, books, videos, vloggers, etc. looking for ideas on time management and the elusive balance concept that frankly looks wildly different than we think it should. Much of these works stretch into the business world and across continents and demographics well beyond Vermont.

One such person is Gary Vaynerchuk, a business leader who shares his world via social media (yes, I listen to and watch business podcasts and youtubers, particularly entrepreneurial based folks…you’d be surprised how much connection there is to the world of education right now, in either daily goals and work or as to what we’re preparing our students for). I’ll let you find out on your own who he is and what he’s about, but there’s some themes I’ve paid attention to while watching his videos and reading his posts. These are things that are often ancillary to the content of the video but if you watch closely you notice.

In one of his videos or posts someone commented something like “we only see you talking with people and not working” and his response has stuck with me “that is the work.”

That is the work

You never see him locked up behind a computer.

Yes you do see him on his cell phone…often. And while there are many people in my immediate world that view that as a social norm to combat, I’ve noticed that people don’t seem to blink with a computer set up in front of everyone in a meeting. Gary speaks to this in a video saying that he’s all mobile now and I’m sure there are times that he has to sit at a computer for something but it seems like the cell phone model has freed him up to be the connector with people in his organization and beyond. There’s a lot there.

He’s TALKING to people

How much actually talking do you do on your phone…computer? Technology doesn’t have to limit your human to human connections, it can enhance it.

I think people often purchase cell phones, throw a few fun apps on there and think that they are improving the efficiency of their lives. Are we? Are we really truly taking advantage of this tool that we have access to?

What would happen if we forced ourselves to see how mobile and efficient we can be?

I want to see what I can do to be better able to connect, be mobile and increase efficiency in my day to day work. So here’s what I’m going to do:

For FIVE days 
I’m going to use only my cell phone*

*There’s one or two things I can only do on a computer, things like website updates and video editing

I’m going to see what I learn from the experience. I’m expecting it to be hairy…but that’s what makes it so fun, right!?