Prep Day for #cellphoneonly Week

yes I know it’s in profile…lesson number one from #cellphoneonly week

So this is the week I’ve picked to try to live mostly on my cell phone. There’s a couple of reasons I’m doing this:

  • I genuinely want to look for efficiencies in my work
  • I believe immersion is one of the best ways to learn new things
  • I get tired of hauling stuff everywhere
  • I want to be able to connect with people differently

Today I started to prep for the week ahead. First step…install apps for things that I need to be able to do.

This actually took a fair amount of time and pointed out to me immediately how little I took advantage of my cell phone. Big apps for the day were:

Snapseed — for picture editing, something I do a fair bit of
Magisto — for video editing. I do a ton of video editing and I’m fairly confident I won’t be able to do high level video editing on my phone. We’ll see. I’m hoping maybe I could compromise doing smaller videos on apps and larger videos via an SD card from my camera.
WeVideo — Again for video editing…huge benefit of this is it’s an application we use heavily in schools so my comfort level is high and it’s easy to share and store content
Evernote — This has long been a favorite, but this challenge has heightened my need for it! I have to have a notebook space of some sort!?!?!
Soundtrap — Podcasting app
Medium and Wordpress — For blogging
Giphy — Cause I can’t go without for a week

*For those interested I’m working with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (I’m a recent Android user…longtime iPhone user…so there’s that too)