Student Hydroponic Projects Have Grown…A Lot! #hackingleadership

One of the things that I really like to be able to do is follow up on projects with folks. Back in February I visited a high school class where they were designing hydroponics projects that would live in their school greenhouse area. I saw a lot of construction process, some seedlings and a whole bunch of energy. Then today, three months later, I walked into a room FULL of green. Students were testing soil samples, measuring growth, adding solutions to compensate for the needs of their plants…and it was incredible!

I was talking with one of the educators and we were discussing the multiple levels of learning through projects like this…the transference to different disciplines and “real life” situations. Many of the students take their learning and extend it at home to their gardens and/or farms. Just incredible.

I even got a free vegetable to bring home. So there.