Top 5 Reasons to Take a Look at @Buffer for Your School Communications

Part of my job is to work on communication throughout our district (internal and external). I really enjoy this work and it’s constantly evolving, so I’m always trying new tools to see if they work for our needs or not. This year I’ve been giving Buffer a try. Buffer is a tool that allows you to coordinate your social media sharing (and it does a few hundred other cool things). Here are my top five reasons that you should give Buffer a try for your school communications:

5. You can easily share to all of your social media at once

Now this isn’t necessarily something that you can’t do using other systems or connections within mobile apps, but Buffer makes this process really slick by making it easy to click on the social media feeds you want to send a message to and you can drag and drop a photo easily.

4. It’s on mobile and desktop

The mobile app is surprisingly helpful and is the only way you can connect an Instagram account (since you can only upload to Instagram on a mobile device Buffer has to work through that.) This gives you the ability to access and manage from wherever you are…just in case you’ve got to get to something really quick.

3. Stats

I’m not particularly stats obsessed but I’m often asked to share how our social media communications are going, what our reach is, etc. So in that sense it’s pretty handy and accurate (unless you use embeds).

2. Access to Pablo

I’ve used a lot of different image tools in my day and this one is by far the most practical and smooth for quick meme type social media posts (fair warning you need to resize full renders, but you get used to it). I use this to make notices and reminder type things like:

And the number one reason you should try Buffer is:

It’s REALLY user friendly!

Using social media can be intimidating for school leaders and educators, making some of the organization of that easier in any way possible frees up their world for enjoying and connecting on social media versus figuring out management.