To address your last point, I was simply implying the hypocrisy of Wil’s behavior.
Trent Lapinski

Clinton is a neocon, absolutely. You better believe all the Lindsey Grahams and the John McCains in the Republican party voted for her. She plays ball with the political establishment, speaks the language, and is just as involved in all the backdoor corruption. Weapons deals, pay to play with the State Dept, the whole 9. Look at all the crazy shit that went down when she was a lawyer with the Rose law firm. She’s been at it all her life.

Anyhow I find it comical that you’ve been catching so much shit for just telling it like it is. The Democratic party went all in with a losing hand, and huffed and puffed as much as possible with the lying corporate media and it wasn’t enough. You simply pointed all of that out and now you’re suddenly the problem. I love it

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