Jason Chaffetz’s Town Hall: A Constituent’s Account
Kaz Weida

I can tell you that you are lucky to have a representative like Jason Chaffetz. I would trade him for any of the loons representing us here in Colorado.

I would not expect a town hall like that to go any other way. A bunch of progressives flock to a Republican Congressman’s town hall to hoot and holler about immigration and the environment? Not that those things aren’t important, but it’s a simply case of barking up the wrong tree. Sure maybe he could be more civil, but I’ve seen much worse.

As for his ability to prosecute his position, and investigate overreaches of government; one does not become the chair of the House Oversight Committee for nothing. He has proven himself to be an excellent guardian of public funds, a clear thinker and is non-partisan in his pursuit of the truth. He is just as hard on Republicans as he is on anyone else when they abuse their power.

As for his seat being safe, it is safer than safe. He won with 73.5% of the vote in 2016.

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