Why Congress Needs to Act on the New Bipartisan Bill to Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Abusers and…
Gabby Giffords

I liked this article.. and you’re right. There is a problem with gun violence in this country.

While I think the bill is well-intentioned, it has several loopholes. First, it cannot do anything about illegal gun use / acquisition. In your statistics about women murdered by guns, there is no differentiation between guns legally and illegally owned. Secondly, you (and Congress) are banking on the nebulous idea that convicted criminals will actually be deterred from killing by a law.

It is not farfetched to claim that if someone already convicted of criminal activity wants to kill their partner, they could use means other than legally purchased guns to do so.

I’m afraid I must say the bill is ultimately something that will only make people feel better. In the end, it is not guns or their abundance or over-availability to dangerous people that ills our nation, it is rather a widespread pandemic of mental instability and illness. As you know, many people involved in shootings are on psychotropic drugs of one kind of another. Until we find a meaningful, inclusive solution to our mental health problem, well-intentioned but ultimately toothless pieces of legislation will keep coming and going.