How to Uproot Systemic Racism and Sexism in Venture Capital
Melinda Briana Epler

Looking at some other comments, I suppose I’m opening myself up to being presumptuously psychoanalyzed for having a divergent opinion, but I don’t care.

What is really sad about this piece is that while trying to build some kind of utopian equality, you’re doing the opposite. You have built a hierarchy that that has straight, white men at the bottom, and minority, non-straight women at the top in terms of their a priori rectitude.

For someone who is trying to combat stereotypes, you seem to be doing a lot of judging based on gender and skin color.

“Only others can tell me if I’m a good ally, I cannot assume I am” — there you go. You’ll do a lot of empowering by telling people that others can define them. Stop being so weak: you get to define who you are, not me, and not anyone else.

I appreciate that you go to such lengths to avoid offending people. You should really cut that out. What you should do is go to lengths to speak the truth, which often times is really why people get offended: the truth hurts.

The truth is, the best person should get the job. I didn’t see you cheerleading for Kellyanne Conway, the first winning female campaign manager for a presidential election. Trump didn’t choose her because she’s a woman, he chose her because she is the best.

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