Protecting Your Energy

Protecting your energy is a real thing.

People, things, responsibilities, etc in life can and will drain you, lift you up or keep you at an equilibrium. Balancing your energy can be done, but being able to acknowledge what is and isn’t for you is the first step.

It may sound selfish, but energy needs to be reciprocated. If not, you will find yourself in a deficit. It is frustrating to put in enormous amounts of energy and not have it reciprocated. It is draining and it will start to wear on you.

So, how do you keep your energy at a healthy equilibrium? Be honest with yourself and go with your instincts. Is this person or thing giving me what I need in return? Is it matching my energy? If not, rethink your actions, because honestly, that person or thing will most likely not change. And why should they? They are getting all this positive energy while simultaneously expending little to nothing. I found that removing parasitic people and situations from my life was a necessity and I could quickly feel the difference.

On the other hand, do not neglect to check yourself when you’re the one doing the draining. Can you feel this person genuinely seeking your energy and you are knowingly not trying? Feel free to step back or excuse yourself from the relationship entirely if you know that you cannot return that same caliber of energy. If the relationship is important to you, step up and match that energy. If they are important to you, I also assume that they deserve it.

Now don’t get me wrong. Energy is not all about actions. You can literally feel it. We vibrate. Sometimes the vibrations we let off can be unintentional. Reflection is key.

It is when you notice you are letting in and emitting negative energy (consistently) and knowingly spread it to others. That is a problem. Not only does it dim other’s light, but it digs a deeper hole of darkness for you.

Meditation and self-care also go a long way with protecting your energy. I most often practice mindful meditation in which I just let my thoughts flow. To me, the thoughts that come to mind are things to be acknowledged, but I do so and then let it go. For thoughts that constantly pop up, after meditation I take time to analyze and write about them in my journal. Try incorporating healing crystals and burning sage or palo santo. There are some healing crystals with properties to rid of negative energy. Sage has been known to purify negative energies in places, objects and people and restore balance. Likewise, palo santo will aid in purifying and cleansing your energy.

Self-care has been a popular topic lately and people are always asking “how do you practice self-care?” Anything that makes you happy, anything that you feel you need, do it. Because you deserve it. Do not be afraid to say no and do not be afraid to be selfish (sometimes). If you aren’t going to do it for you, why wait for someone else to?

Protecting your energy is not about being selfish. It is essential to your well being. If you feel you are not getting the energy you put in back in return, take a step back. If you feel that you are not returning the energy being invested in you, step up. It is about give AND take. Seek positive energy and block the negative. Continue to reflect and practice self awareness and once you’ve got that down you can begin to feel the benefits. Keep in mind, you are in control of yourself and yourself only.

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