February Fourteen, Twenty Seventeen

I plan to use this space to share my experience as I transition further into the world of a non-profit business industry executive. I’ll share my creative work as well, but my life is not about work-life balance or work-life integration or work-life separation; my work is a part of my life. A small part, but a part that many can relate to or learn from.

I won’t share a “lesson of today” or a journal entry. I work with 400 local businesses and I cannot run even the most egregious of them through the gamut publicly. I read and learn insatiably; I have regular conversations with industry execs and CEOs; I write and consider, constantly. I think I’ll find something to offer. Please know I’m not here to advise or direct. I find asking questions and challenging the norm to be much more interesting.

Check back often, comment if you’re itchy, and reach out any time to have a conversation that challenges or furthers any of my ideas.

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