Sup World?

Ever since I listened to Alexander Kallaway’s episode on the @CodeNewbies Podcast, I’ve been hooked. I love Saron’s (CN founder) energy! She’s positive, pragmatic, and has a soothing voice (requisite for a podcast! 😉). I’ve tried a few programming podcasts, but these are next level!

Something really resonated with me in Episode 2 with Brian Douglasnot being afraid to publish my blog posts!

I wrote my first blog post on accident when I started the #100DaysOfCode Challenge (100 days of coding & logging progress on GitHub & Twitter). One day, my “thoughts” grew into an essay riffing on Modulo.

So where is that first post!? Well, I began to ask many of the things Saron brings up in the podcast:

  1. Is it interesting?
  2. Is it wrong?
  3. Is it ready?

I blew up a simple post into “MY FIRST BLOG POST!!!”, a daunting task.

I just finished writing Blog #3 when the podcast (from this morning) clicked: “Blog #3 is short and sweet, why not just ‘ship it’!?”

Excited with this new realization of shipping my posts (instead of doubting myself), I opened a blank page and this post just flowed out of me. It feels great and I hope to write more!

I first blog for myself as an exercise, but I obviously hope others will find value as well. In turn, I hope they’ll provide feedback and teach me new things!

I’ll continue to post whenever I’m inspired and encourage you to do the same. Let’s make this a habit so we can reflect, (b)log, and possibly impress an employer and get a badass developer job!


PS: Ironically, I never posted my 1st few blog posts on Medium. I’m trying to maintain quality, concise, relevant content and felt none of them matched these standards. But they were great practice and turned me on to blogging!

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