Why I’m Learning to Code

I ask myself this everyday while I’m banging my head on my keyboard…

typical day

Learning to code requires your brain to make new connections it couldn’t conceptualize previously. Inevitably this leads to me staring at my screen sometimes with a confused look, reading over every line, trying to make sense of the code.

But all of a sudden it all clicks, and I see the beauty and pure logic involved in communicating precisely what I need the computer to do!

  1. Curious how tech works
  2. Want to build tech products
  3. Love problem-solving & learning
  4. “Computers are like a bicycle for the mind” -Steve Jobs.
  5. The wizardry to be able to use technology to fix real world problems
  6. Thrive working in solitude
  7. Tech is the greatest way to make world-shifting changes
  8. Harness one of history’s most powerful tools
  9. The future, we all need to be literate

Programming is hard. Harder than people realize. Yet I find it fascinating and I love the feeling when my code works!

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