Web2print — the “game-changer” for printing companies and customers

by Błażej Cybowski, Marketing Manager at Cyfrowa Foto Sp. z o.o.


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Buying the technology and know-how is not enough. The specificity of each market is different. Thus, the basic key to success is the appropriate definition of the business model: the target group characteristics and specifications of the product, and the preparation of e-commerce at the frontend and backend to manage both production and marketing activities.

If you’re hoping that when you buy a high-end machine your success is at your fingertips — you are making a fundamental mistake. Observing the market, I can tell that such mistakes are unfortunately common. Therefore, you can’t succeed in business without a comprehensive plan. The precise definition of the market, model, distribution and sales channels is necessary.

Let’s focus on the personalized photo products industry: photobooks, photo calendars and photo albums. Our main goal was primarily to popularize photoproducts on the market and increase their availability by rationalizing prices and answering market needs. This couldn’t be done without changes to key elements of the business.
An essential factor was to automate the manufacturing processes and to create a flexible workflow that could resist dynamic changes that occur on a daily basis.

When it comes to personalized photo products, the customers’ main obstacle is the design process. This is a psychological “fear” that they won’t be able to handle it, because the design process is too difficult, too complicated, and above all time-consuming.

And here comes our game-changer: an intuitive web-2-print solution — Printbox online editor. Intuitiveness and simplicity boil down to a significant reduction in the time of conversion, from the decision to make the purchase through to its finalization.

In the case of our target group, legibility and simplicity of the offer play a major role in achieving the desired objectives. Following the needs of our customers, so far we have prepared thousands of pre-made templates for photoproducts. With those templates, it is easier to design and adapt the product to customers’ wishes.

Managing such a number of template configuration and products is possible via the Printbox administration panel. Our company runs more than 15 independent websites with different offers of photoproducts and Printbox handles it with ease.

Faster conversion means higher profit for the printing company, and faster transactions and shipping for customers. This web-2-print system provides an excellent opportunity with a win-win business model.

Scalability of the tool was one of the most important factors when we were choosing a solution for our company. Personalized photoproducts are quite specific, because of seasonal peaks. Sales are erratic and can increase up to several hundred percent overnight. The only possible solution to handle this traffic is a dynamic system that works in the cloud. Thus, we are saving on server maintenance during periods when traffic is lower.

From the customer’s point of view, this solution is very convenient. There is no need to download, update, or install any application or software. In our online store, we allow our customers to design a project without needing to be logged in, so everyone who has never come in contact with this type of application can see how easy it is to create beautiful, unique product.

Of course, as in the case of the purchasing expensive machines, such w2p implementation of the system requires some necessary steps to properly implement the product on the market. There is a lot that a marketing and sales department can do together here. Stop hoping that without a plan and consistency in action customers will come to your shop and photoproducts will sell.

Close cooperation between our company and Printbox is based on the constant exchange of knowledge and experience. Thanks to this cooperation, Printbox has become a professional advisor in running a business, which can be of particular value to entrepreneurs starting their activities in this specific field.

If you’re already running a business and want to diversify your product range with personalized products with a reliable partner, we can surely advise you to contact the Printbox team. Discuss the possibilities and prospects for your cooperation. Having your own printing company, you should check out the “game-changer” that has proved to be an excellent path to success for our company.