How Printed Package Inserts Help Businesses Boost Customer Loyalty and Repeat Purchases?

Research has shown that acquiring new customers cost businesses more than retaining existing customers. This makes it absolutely clear that retailers must build loyalty with every sale by bettering customer expectations. Package inserts such as discount coupons, gift vouchers or promotional ads is one the things that can help you exceed past customer expectations. In this post, we will share why printed packaging inserts are so significant for businesses and how it can help you drive customer loyalty, revenues and repeat business.


Printed package inserts is a great way to build strong relationship with your customers. In fact, it’s the relationship that determines the success or failure of a business. Let’s consider that you have sent printed package inserts in every shipment, now the customer experience with your company will either:

· Meet Expectations

· Surpass Expectations

· Fail to Meet Expectations

Obviously, there are some instances where things are beyond our control and customer experience with a brand or firm can go wrong. But one always have to account such lapses and should be prepared to embrace them. Having said that, one should also consider it is these little things like package inserts which can help a corporation stand out from the competition. HOW?

Here PrintingNova, a premium online printing company, will reveal to you how printed packing inserts can sky rocket your proceeds and customer loyalty.

Highly Targeted — You are already sending them to your consumers and you are well aware of the fact what they purchase. This gives your business the opportunity to custom design an offer around their needs and print it over the package insert and ship them to the exact person.

Low Cost — Certainly, a business have to bear the printing cost of inserts, but since the expense for delivering package to the customers is already paid so it won’t have to endure separate cost for sending out package inserts.

Create Awareness — The right package inserts also let your customers know about the upcoming promotions, discounts and special offers, which allows them to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Boosts Loyalty — By sending customers package inserts, you can make your customers feel special because they recognize that you value them and most of all you care for them. This can bolster your bond with existing customers.

In brief, package insert is a simple way to achieve more by doing little. Just send in a coupon or flyer with your shipment and gain more repeat business from current clients.

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