Arijana Heinrici — A charismatic interior designer with the heart in the right place

Arijana Heinrici is one of the decorators we have been working on in recent years and was recently named one of Sweden’s most influential decorators. Jana’s energy and joy captures everyone in her vicinity and things really happen when she’s nearby! Jana’s spirit and energy will be seen in many places in the future. We’re sure of it!

Hi Jana!
So nice of you to come and hang out with us at the Formex Fair! How was the coffee?
Very good! I never drink the whole thing though ;)

Well then!
Let’s start from the beginning. Tell who you were as a 7–8 year old.
This was a difficult period in my childhood. You can say that this is was when all hell broke loose in The Former Yugoslavia. At that age I was in the middle of a horrible world full of hate and misery. I don’t think anyone can imagine what life was like the, filled with terror.

“I am an independent person who likes helping others succeed. I’m very selfless. There is always room for everybody! “- Arijana Heinrici

I was among bombs at the time. Sometimes i catch myself, almost like I’m still there and dreaming about another world. Dreaming about being strong and safe. I came to Sweden as a 9 year old with my mother, who’s my hero and my siblings who are my shining stars. The three of them, that survived a grenade and today are my role models.

Who are you now, about 25 years later?
Today I am a very strong person. I am very confident and fearless. An entrepreneur with the heart in the right place who never takes anything for granted. I am an independent person who likes to help others to succeed, I’m very selfless. There is room for all of us. The world is so small, after all, so why not help each other out?

Decorator, interior designer, home stylist … There are many titles for quite similar roles. What do you call yourself?
I call myself an decorator or an interior designer. These two really go hand in hand. Simply explained, my task is to fulfill the customer’s wishes. It can be anything from advice on which wallpaper to put up to solving a stylish, functional storage in the living room. The aesthetic taste and practical approach of interior designers can be incredibly different, which contributes to the diversity of the profession. As of now, I haven’t worked as a home stylist, but you never know.

Pictures from the styling of Vasahuset in Uppsala. One of Arijanas latest projects.

Can you help us understand the difference between the profession in a few sentences?
Decorators/interior designers are hired to decorate and style homes, offices, hotels, you name it. We try to create an atmosphere where you want to live and spend your time.

A home stylist is hired for a planned sale. Here the residence is styled for a wider market and it is important to please as many people as possible. Because you obviously want to sell the property at the best market price.

“Printler has an incredibly wide range and it is easy to find photo art that fits my various assignments. I like being able to find everything! “

What kind of projects are your favorite projects?
Project, where I have free reigns. I Love it! Just letting loose and getting really creative.

Do you have a special favourite? Any projects that you’re extra proud of?
Hmm, it’s difficult to say, I dive into all my projects wholeheartedly and am always happy with the results.

Arijana is planning a photo wall

So what do you have in store for the future?
Loads of stuff, as always! Writing newspapers, participating in a TV show and lots of interesting collaborations.

Video caption: An advert for Printler produced with Arijana

What are you doing in 10 years?
Working as interior designer who has at least 10 employees. Hihihi, here comes the “helping others” part of me, which as I said earlier is a big part of who I am.

What kind of home do you have?
I live in a 19th century house, in a studio loft with Uppsalas most beautiful view, the castle!

Image caption: Pictures from Arijana’s own home in Uppsala

Why do you choose to decorate with photo art from Printler?
Printler has an incredibly wide range and it is easy to find photo art that fits my various assignments. I like to be able to find everything! A service completely to my taste!

What are your favorite designs from Printler?
Oh, there are so many! I have actually collected my favorites under a special tag at Printler. Take a look here!

Thank you very much Jana for liking our concept and wanting to be part of the “Printler family”! You should know that we are look up to you and are inspired by you daily, both as a person and decorator! Follow @interiorbyjana on instagram

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