Is stress your buddy?

Written by: Janice F.

Stress is probably a common word in our vocabulary list. I recount the recent catch-up with a friend who was complaining about stress at her workplace. After listening to people around me, I do find the word ‘stress’ a bit overused. We feel stressed whenever we feel we cannot cope with pressure but after awhile, we equate stress to everything else unhappy or unsetting.

Of course, it is alright to feel the stress sometimes. I’ve heard about how we can make stress a form of good stress to motivate and drive us to rise up to challenges. However, not all of us view stress as a motivational tool. We tend to pity ourselves or even blame ourselves for our incompetencies once we buckle under pressure. This is not stress’ fault. In fact, it is our minds tricking our bodies that we are not up to standard, that we are weak.

Kelly’s insights at TED have definitely raised new perceptions about stress. How amazing it is that “our stress response has a built-in mechanism for stress resilience, and that mechanism is a human connection.”

Human connection actually helps us resist stress or cope with it better. How we act and how we think can alter our stressful experiences. Like any other non-profit organisations, this is a great reason for people to do good and be kind to defend against stressful thoughts.

I always believe that our minds are stronger than our bodies.

Yes, that is mind over body. Our bodies are merely reacting to what messages our brain sends. We can persuade our bodies to react ideally by embodying good thoughts and kind acts. If people can see how important it is to believe in an alternative way, we can lead a healthier and happier life. Life will have a new meaning and life expectancies will grow.

What do you think? Is stress your buddy?

Do you believe that doing good can fight stress? :)

Inspired by: Kelly Mcgonigal’s TED Talk