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The Sneakers you didn’t know you wanted

Beija Marie Velez has been grinding for a while now in fashion. I hesitate when saying “fashion” because when you follow her you can tell her message and goals are bigger than that. It’s about the Culture. A lot of people say they want to change the culture but few actually take steps towards that. I think it is fair to say that Beija is one of the few. I first saw Beija on Youtube when she was working at Complex and been following her ever since. You can just tell, she has love for what she does and it truly becomes contagious.

Instagram — @BeijaMVelez

Beija since then left Complex to explore other opportunities. And BOY! was it the right choice. A few month back adidas America flew her to their London factory where she was able to work on her own shoe. On her Instagram she describes her experience and the make of the shoe she is working on.

“The upper body is black neoprene. The tongue is from the 1984 Micropacer. Suede toe frontal, tongue trimming, & back heel. Also threw the plastic accent from the Zedex to add more of the futuristic vibes. Python pull tab in the back & splatter paint on the front for a little fun” — Beija M. Velez

Fast forward to last weekend, at ComplexCon, where she finally debuted her shoe with adidas America and announced that it would be in a store near us SPRING 2019. Frankly, I can’t wait !

Twitter — @BeijaMVelez

What gets me is the contrast between, not only the color scheme she chose, but also the material and texture she managed to fuse together. Her selection of the black Neoprene, in my opinion, is what brings it home. I can already tell it’s going to be one of these comfortable pairs that i’m going to have to keep myself from not wearing too much. “Gotta keep them in the freezer for the proper occasion, you feel me! haha”

I remember scrolling through these pictures thinking “What a dream come true that must be”. She actually mentions it herself saying how “Surreal” this opportunity is. Let’s not forget this! There’s nothing more badass than going to ComplexCon as an employee in 2017 and coming back in 2018 as your own Boss.

Fantastic Job Beija!

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