“Open my jar.”

Ask him to open your jar

ok ladies, yes we can all open our own jars probably better than some men, but sometimes we have to sit back and watch them do it, even if it means you wanna rip it out of his hands and say “I’ll do it”!

Of course we can do it….but he does NOT need to know that….yes….you need to make him do it! Asking a man to open a jar is like asking him to pull out his dick in public so you can suck it in front of everyone. Ok maybe not like that, but he thinks of it that way. Acting like you are so vulnerable that you cannot even open this jar will make them feel like a man. A man that protects his woman, a man that can come in and “save” his woman from this “unholy” jar.

I know this seems absurd but it works trust me. I know some of you are thinking, “ I dont care if he wants to feel like a man” but really you do, if you want the guy you need him to feel like this right now, does not mean that it will not change later, no. In no way does this mean you have let go of the reigns, no way! Sometimes in order to continue to keep the reigns you need to let it go to make him think that he is in control, but really we all know that he is not.

Every man I ever wanted I made sure to ask him to open a jar, and it always resulted in a smirk on his face and a little fun later. So here is your challenge, ask a man to open a jar, any man, boyfriend, husband, friend, coworker, any man really. Ask them to open a jar, observe their facial expression and their behavior afterward, try to imagine what they are thinking. Let me know what happened, this may surprise you. For women that have already done this, well you know its true.

Of course this is all from experience, this is me trying to figure out how to “get my man”. Always remember if you want someone you will get him, if you do not get him, you probably did not want him that bad.

So put your pride aside, and let him “open my jar”.

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