And that’s the trouble with not just your outlook, but the outlook of so many people your age.
An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

You’re almost 30, so that means you were born in 1986, yes?

Pretty sure that means you, too, are a millennial. Therefore, you’re living proof that not all millennials have this entitled attitude you speak of. Not all millennials make poor planning decisions and then blame everyone else/ask for hand outs once things don’t work out.

In fact, most millennials are the opposite. Most “young people Talia’s age” went to college and pushed through finding jobs during the 2008 economic crisis. Most of these “people her age” are the opposite.

Don’t blame an entire generation, your generation in fact, for the mistakes of one.

Otherwise, great letter. You said a lot of what I was thinking myself.

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