Wild Midnight Rose

When you use Prism to track your bills and your money, you have a very personalized tool in your hands to manage of your finances. Four months ago, we let you customize the look of Prism with a touch of whimsy and flair, to match this level of personalization.

Beyond “Mobilligy Green”, you have 13 extra themes to add some pizzazz to Prism. Why 13? One for each slice of the spectrum on our logo, plus one for the background.

We’ve been curious what themes have been popular, so we took a quick peek into the data, and were surprised with the results!

The theme that came in third: “Wild Wonka”!

The runner-up was “Rhubarb Rose”.

Finally, the winner by far was “Midnight Madness”.

At the other end of the spectrum, very, very few people like “Butternut Bisque”.

So what do you think? What theme do you love and use? Use the hashtag #MyPrism to share it with us on Twitter or on Facebook!

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