Your Bill is Due “Sometime” Today

Why Payment Deadlines Suck, and How to Avoid Them

Every time you pay a bill on its due date, you’re taking a gamble. The later you pay during that day, the greater the chance you’ll get slapped with a late fee — even if it’s still technically that day!

Some billers (mostly credit card issuers) have pretty strict cutoff times for accepting payments online. If you pay your bill even one minute after this deadline, you could get hit with a late fee from $15 to $35, or more! If you make just a handful of these a year, you’re out hundreds of dollars.

The good news is that this mistake is easily avoidable. Prism aims to save you from the frustration of dealing with these arbitrary restrictions imposed by billers. With the latest update of the app, we help you do just that.

If you have an unpaid bill from a biller that imposes a deadline, and it’s approaching that deadline, Prism will now show you that deadline right on the bill. This way you have the chance to hustle and pay your bill!

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