The Spring intake: meet our latest starters

From left to right, Andrew, Marcus and Emma.

We sat down with our latest recruits to discuss what they had been up to before joining us, what their impressions of the company were and if they had any tips for anyone looking to join us.

Marcus Gardiner-Hill joined us in February 2017 as a WinOps and DevOps Consultant. Emma Slee also joined in February as a Contract Development Consultant. Andrew Neal joined us in March, as an Infrastructure and DevOps Consultant.

What did you do before joining Prism?

Marcus: I worked in human rights for Amnesty International in Israel, on their Anti Discrimination and Occupied Palestinian Territories Campaign in Tel Aviv and Hebron.

Emma: I’ve worked in a few different sales environments, so have experienced different ways of doing things, and it’s like Prism have taken the best bits of all of them and found the perfect balance.

Andrew: I graduated university, then lived at home in the countryside for a while. I quickly got bored and decided it was time to make the move down to London. I’d heard great things from friends and family about recruitment. It gives you unlimited opportunities to earn, which meant I could live comfortably in a very expensive city.

Why did you choose Prism?

M: They were what I wanted: a positive and energetic work environment, with a small and tight knit group of people, where I would enjoy spending a large amount of my time while making a lot of money!

E: It’s true that Prism are about people, and from the interview they took the time to really show me what the company was about: Most of the company interviewed me, not just the directors, so I really felt like I knew what it would be like to work here. Also, IT is a really interesting and varied industry, so there’s a great mix between variety and specialisation.

A: Prism appealed to me as it wasn’t your typical recruitment agency. Before I started, I had heard that with larger recruitment companies came a very bullish and disconnected working environment, due to the sheer number of employees. Prism has a smaller number of consultants where, rather than working against each other, they share their ideas and work with each other , resulting in an atmosphere that creates much more of a close knit family feel.

How was your first day?

M: My first day was fun and interesting. There was a lot of training, and we did technical training that was supposed to last an hour, but, because I knew nothing and am naturally curious, it lasted nearly 3 hours. I really got to learn a lot about the technologies and industries that I now work with.

E: I was really struck by how well everyone gets on, and taken aback by how friendly everyone was! Lunch with the bosses was a lovely surprise! But it was mostly training, training and more training. And this doesn’t stop — you’ll never be left stuck, because there will always be someone on hand to help you, and everyone, even the furniture, have regular training sessions, so that the role stays fresh and you’re always developing your skills as a consultant.

A: It’s almost like going for your first day at school again; new people to meet, lots of opportunity on the horizon, but without your mum there to hold your hand! Everyone on the team was very welcoming and I got in to the swing of things in no time.

Marcus and Andrew settle in with Prism veterans Stacey and James.

How do you think you settled in?

M: It was easy to settle in. Everyone was very welcoming and collaborated to answer my questions and make me feel like part of Prism.

E: Two months in — I feel like I’ve been here forever, in a good way! The management do a lot to help you settle in, from scheduling coffee breaks with each of the team into your calendar for your first couple of weeks, so that you have a chance to get to know everyone one-on-one, and regular Friday team drinks!

A: Although I’m the newest member in the team, I already feel like a part of the Prism family. The effort the team made in welcoming me into the company really helped, and I can’t wait to develop my career here at Prism.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Prism Digital?

M: I like the environment: it’s not a boiler room, but you’ve got to be able to work to pressure. It’s not a comedy show but there are jokes!

E: There is so much I could choose here: from being encouraged to have coffee with candidates and lunch with clients as often as possible (who doesn’t want to be paid for having fun?), to unbelievable incentives and surprises, and the huge commission cheques! But it truly has to be the team, because you couldn’t find a nicer bunch of people anywhere.

A: You’re surrounded by people full of knowledge and it’s a great place to learn. If you have a question or if you’re unsure about anything, everyone is on standby and willing to help. I love the fact that Prism is trying to change the bad reputation that recruitment sometimes has. Prism allows you to actually interact with the people you are working through attending meetups and conferences, this allows you to understand your business and the people involved more than just words on a screen.

What would you suggest to anyone who wants to work for us?

M: Do it!

E: If you get the job — take it! Everyone here is doing really well, and that’s because everyone who comes in definitely has the potential to be a really successful recruitment consultant, and this is the best place for you to realise that potential!

A: If you’re looking to earn some good money, whilst having a great time and learning a lot about the recruitment industry, then Prism is the place for you!

If you’re interested in applying to Prism Digital to be a consultant, contact Stacey McCarthy on 0203 800 1234, or email We welcome candidates from all sorts of backgrounds — what matters is that you’re quick on your feet, hard working and have a good business mind!

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