We’re the first Living Wage IT Recruiters!

We’re super keen to announce that we are now a Living Wage employer! And not only that, but the first IT recruitment company to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation! It’s not easy being trendsetters, you know. 😎

We have joined around 1700 other employers who voluntarily pay staff above minimum wage. The Living Wage is calculated as enough for an average person to live comfortably. This isn’t just a mathematical formula, it is influenced by the public, and what they deem as a necessity. So that means we pay for Oli’s Netflix subscription 😉.

We recognise that the minimum wage is simply not enough to get by, and we are keen to ensure that our employees are compensated fairly for the work that they do. We’re proud to see that this is recognised by an official body, now!

This is an exciting chapter in our development as a company — we now join some big names in ensuring that work pays!

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