Why not to hate every recruiter

Jon, our QA and Testing Consultant, has pitched in to tell you why you shouldn’t automatically scoff when you hear that someone is a recruiter.

I know recruiters can be a pain. Maybe it’s the incessant calling, hassling, pitching, grovelling, sharp suit wearing, slicked-backed hair combing, speculative CV sending “consultants”. But there is hope…

A new breed of recruiter is surfacing amongst the stereotypical coffee and beer recruiter. Allow me to give you a glimpse into this emerging world. You never know, you might even find yourself a little optimistic about the future of recruitment consultancy, here’s why:

1. The recruiter as an active and beneficial part of the tech community

The prominence of meetup groups is an undeniably positive force in the tech community. While recruiters might not be the most welcome guests to these events, it’s nevertheless a unique setting where recruiters, clients and candidates can meet on a level footing and have an open and honest conversation.

Meetups are a great way to network, sure we all get that. But, importantly, they are a great setting for learning about new technologies and trends in the industry.

As more and more Testing recruiters gain their ISEB qualification, we can begin to understand the technologies and contribute in a knowledgeable way to the testing community.

We at Prism are co-organisers of a number of Meetup groups which now total more than 1000 members. We see our role as organisers as a way to give back to the community and allow it to grow.

Having these valued relationships through meetup groups helps close the gap between recruiters and testers. They also build long lasting relationships with clients because we can send unique candidates, and not simply ‘blanket bomb’ a bunch of CVs that have been put forward by 5 other agencies before. This is about creating long term valued relationships, resulting better candidates for clients and more appropriate jobs for people. Everybody wins.

2. Goodbye sharp suits. Hello jeans and t-shirts

To facilitate this progression, a new approach is necessary. Wearing a t-shirt isn’t supposed to make us appear ‘down’ with the tech community- that would again be a façade upon a façade. This is not about having a t-shirt draped over a pinstriped suit with a Cambridge tie bulging through. No. Doing away with the suit means doing away with the barrier between candidate, recruiter and client.

What we do as recruiters is bridge the gap between job market and the candidate market, helping to equalise the asymmetry of information in the job market. Key to this is being able to have a frank chat about what jobs people want and what clients need. As recruiters, we can better match up the two. Hiding behind the suit and calling yourself and your company the best at everything doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t get people hired, it doesn’t get you a job and as a recruiter it doesn’t win you long term meaningful relationships.

The t-shirt helps do away with the “us and them” mentality, breaks barriers and builds meaningful bridges. It allows all to have a frank talk, with the mask off, allowing us to work together so we can better match people to their dream roles. And hey, if there’s a craft beer to get things moving then I’m not complaining.

3. New backers, new mind-set

We at Prism Digital were set up by a digital entrepreneur, Shashi Fernando. Shashi hates traditional recruiters, so he set us up so we would be different, properly integrating ourselves into the community and forging this new style of recruitment.

In the same vein, I have testers sitting around me from our digital incubator, Yonder and Beyond. Not only does this give me access to an otherwise closed pool of candidates but it also allows me to understand what is hot in testing, they let me know about all the new sexy tech and help maintain a dialogue between recruitment and testing.

By working alongside developers and other startups, we are in a unique place to understand the needs and limitations that our clients and candidates face in the job market. We’re not normal recruiters, we’re Prism Digital.

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