WinOps Conf

It’s been a week since we left CodeNode — Skills Matter and turned off the lights on another fantastic WinOps Conf. Improving on last year’s event, we had around 250 attendees. With some of the most prominent people from the Windows and DevOps worlds in the vicinity, the atmosphere was electric.

The father of PowerShell, Jeffrey Snover, gave a fascinating talk on the ‘Devopsification’ of Windows Server. It was such a privilege to have such a guru in our midst, and we hope he’ll come back again!

It was a packed day, full of talks from industry heavyweights and relative newcomers to the scene. With Jeffrey Snover, Ed Wilson, Iris Classon, Michael Greene, Richard Siddaway, Peter Mounce and so many more people offering insights into the WinOps world, there was something for everyone on offer.

This wasn’t a London centric conference, either. With the USA represented by Jeffrey Snover, Michael Greene, Ed and Teresa Wilson, Sweden represented by Iris Classon, and the less international but still impressive Taunton by Matteo Emili and Manchester by Ryan Yates, we’re so grateful to everyone who made the effort to travel to the conference — whether it was from Somerset or America!

We’re also really grateful to Microsoft, who were the event partner, and all the sponsors: Chef, Octopus Deploy, Puppet, Squared Up, JetBrains, IP Expo Europe, Cloud & DevOps World, DevOpsGuys, Redgate and Chocolatey. They had great stands and had some great merchandise on offer. Particular hats off to Squared Up, who were offering a Lego Millenium Falcon and sponsored the after party!

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This has been a great step in developing the only community in London dedicated to DevOps on Windows, and we can’t wait for the next event!

DevOps blogger Sam Martin’s wrote a great review of the event. Read it here. Read The Test Labs’ great review here, and Skelton Thatcher’s here.

Those great illustrations were done during the talks at the conference by Natalka Design. Follow them on Twitter.

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