At Prism, we like trying out new things. We’re an innovative recruitment agency. We’ve sponsored new meetups and conferences. We’ve even had a consultant visit Google in San Francisco.

Now, we are pleased to announce our latest venture: WinOps Conference 2015.

DevOps is currently one of the hottest topics in the IT industry. Despite the term being created by a Belgian the origins of the movement are US-centric with organisations like Etsy, Netflix and Amazon. These (former) start-ups have largely looked to open-source software platforms hosting in Amazon AWS and hence much of the DevOps movement has been rooted in that world — LAMP / Java / Ruby etc. AWS remains a behemoth in the cloud hosting market with a 28% market share.

However, we are keen to show the world that DevOps isn’t a Linux only movement. Hence, WinOps. In the last six months or so, companies like Docker have begun investing in Windows server technologies, using Microsoft’s Azure package, and more seem to be following. While Microsoft currently have around 10% of the market share, they grew by a staggering 96% between 2013 and 2014. Microsoft know that there is high demand for their product, and they are mass hiring in their Azure department in order to cope with this.

That’s where we come in. In collaboration with DevOps Guys, we wanted to put on a conference to show the world just what Microsoft Azure, and WinOps, are capable of. We have international figures from companies like Microsoft and Chef who will be giving talks, attending panel discussions and holding workshops to highlight that WinOps is just as effective.

On the 22nd September we hope to see you at The Brewery, for the first ever WinOps Conference. The event is strictly limited to 200 tickets to ensure that workshops and panels aren’t too crowded, so that everyone can get something from them!

Click here for more information, including where to buy tickets. Book early to avoid disappointment!



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