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Small Modular Reactors [SMRs] to capture three-fourths of the $10 trillion the world will invest in new generation through 2040.

And here’s why:

On the premiss that super-safe Small Modular Reactors [SMRs], because of their investment attractiveness, will dominate nuclear power in the medium term, don’t a couple of simple facts kill renewable energy stone dead?

1. A 440 MW Rolls-Royce SMR, on a 0.08 sq km site, delivering 24/7 low-carbon electricity would need a total of 1,865 x 2 MW, 410 feet high wind turbines, occupying 205 sq km to deliver the same amount of intermittent electricity:

2. Wind power uses 19.2X more metals and 9.6X more concrete to deliver its intermittent electricity than nuclear power does in delivering its 24/7 electricity:

Any environmentalist, with half a brain, concerned about environmental degradation, ecosystem destruction, species wipe-out [or even extinction] and the staggering waste of precious resources should ask themselves — what’s the point of renewables? What’s — the — point — ?

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