Angry Cars — Unity Game

This past week, I have been working on a game called Angry Cars which is a interpretation of the Angry Birds game. In this game the player controls a car through a track where he launches the car of a ramp to hit objects. The player has 3 lives and then the final score is calculated.

Current Progress: The player car is been set up to move forward and backwards. The car is also able to drift sideways. The track has been set up with road blocks, so that the player cannot move at very high speeds. The player needs to navigate through the blocks.

This is how the game starts

The player has to wait for 3 seconds before the game begins. The player is able to use a speed boost by pressing the ‘Shift’ button. The player is able to launch towards the objects that need to be hit through a jump pad.

The jump pad and the ‘To Hit Objects’

Since the look of the car is like that of ‘Bumblebee’ from the movie Transformers, the game contains a background score of ‘New Divide’. The car resets itself to the original position after one jump. This process repeats itself 3 times, where the player is out of chances and the game is over.

New Concepts Learned: During the course of this project, I wanted a scoring mechanic based on the height of where the player hits the objects. So I made my entire ‘To Hit Objects’ as a prefab, and then I was able to use the height to determine the score.

The scoring mechanic used for the game.

The drifting mechanic used in the game was also new to me. This was done by having parabolic equations for the turn speed.

The equation used for the drift