Exhibition — Brass Razoo

The Brass Razoo is a games exhibition where student from Brisbane showcase their work for the public. Additional information can be found through the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1563734710597987/

The feeling!

Being my first exhibition to the public, I was super excited to showcase the game we had created. To start off, when we arrived at the location and tested the game we found out that the Restart button in the game for some reason didn’t NavMesh the mutants that were spawning which was kind of annoying because we had worked so hard on the game. So one member of the team had to constantly close the game and start it again. People who were playing the game for the first time had a little difficulty at the start in understanding the objective of the game but when they understood the concept they played the game the way we intended them to play the game.

Main Menu of the game


The feedback that we received from the public was pretty good. People were really trying hard to beat the game. There were people from the industry who gave us pointers on how can we further improve upon the game and what aspects they liked the most. They were all really friendly and the whole team enjoyed watching others play the game and secretly discussing the things that we thought needed to be fixed for the future. Overall it was really an enjoyable experience and can’t wait for the next exhibition.

The Team!

Designer: Nic Lyness — His blogs can be found here - www.Feenikxfire.wordpress.com

I was doing Programming with Jordon Dodds whose blogs can be found at — www.lifeofdodds.wordpress.com

The game wouldn’t be possible with all the cool sounds that we had! They were done by

Ash Ball — whose work can be found at — http://ash-ball.squarespace.com/

Chris Ware — whose work can be found at — https://chrisware.squarespace.com/