Pre-Exhibition Storm

My team and me have been working on a game called ‘Transmutation’ which is a survival melee game, I haven’t blogged about the game at all, but I will be describing the game in my subsequent blog posts. Through this blog I will be talking about the problems we faced just before the exhibition and how we managed to get through it.

To start off, one major issue was source control. More often than not multiple people worked on the same scene and this created a lot of conflicts and caused a lot of merge violations. This caused us to do a lot of things multiple times and this was really a waste of time.

The next issue was audio. We were working with a few audio collaborators and the files we got from them were ‘Fmod’ files. This was the software the audio people used to create the sound. It’s a really good software to use if you know how to use it but being completely new to it, adding sound to the game was just a pain. It took me 2 hours to get through the tutorial and when I finally managed to add sounds through the Unity plug-in, I couldn’t figure out how to increase the intensity/tempo of the background music with time so I had to settle with having a constant intensity throughout the game as I was running out of time.

The next problem was pushing the Fmod files through Source Tree, since the files were too big, it took a hell lot of time to push them through. The push was not happening, which led me modifying the ‘git-ignore’ file. I needed help with that because I had no idea which files to ignore and therefore asked my professor to help me with it. This in-turn added unnecessary work time. Once this was done, the problem was my colleagues couldn’t use the Fmod files because they didn’t have the plug-in installed in their systems and had to tell them how to import that into unity.

The next issue we had in our game was with the mutants that were supposed to attack the 3 different characters. The attacking worked fine but the problem was when a player character died, it would continue to try and find the dead player and wouldn’t switch to another character. This fix took longer than expected as we ended up adding the 3 player characters in the list and instead of destroying the player character we disabled them.

These were some major issues we had on the day of the exhibition and with a lot of help from the professors and team motivation we managed to fix them and get through the exhibition which was one of our major highlights.