Nexus is a company that is operating in California and it aims at preserving and purifying the grey water. Grey water is water that is pure than black water as it is derived from all types of domestic wastewater that are produced. Grey water differs from black water in terms of the amount of organic loading. Black water has more organic loading as compared to grey water mainly because it has a lot of sewerage components.

The company Nexus is making water available for us as it is targeting mainly to preserve the grey water, which would reduce our dependency on fresh water. The company has three main components through which they aim to preserve and purify the grey water. Here is a list of the three main areas on which the company focuses:

NEXtreater System — The Company offers Nextreater system under which the water is captured and passed through a 3-stage hybrid process. The hybrid process includes the stages purifying the water through floatation, filtration and disinfection. It makes sure that the indoor water is recycled to its full extent.

NEXheater System — aims to make sure that the grey water is used as a heat source. The heat that is generated through the grey water can then be transferred to homes through a heat pump process. It ensures that all the hot water needs of particular home are fulfilled through the use of grey water. Thus it reduces the dependency upon the traditional water heater. In short, the system aims to reduce the total amount of energy that is used mainly for heating water.

The last system that the company has introduced is to make sure that all the grey water of a household can be captured which can then be used for different kinds of purposes. It will reduce the overall flow of the sewer by at least 70%.

Benefits of Preserving and Purifying Grey Water

Many people wonder that why should they preserve and purify the grey water when they already have a lot of fresh water coming out from their taps. However, they need to know the benefits that the preservation and purification of grey water can bring along. Here is a list of some of these benefits:

1. By purifying the grey water, the overall dependency on the fresh water can be reduced. Fresh water is a natural resource and overuse of such natural resources can result in their depletion, hence measures need to be taken before we run out of them.

2. Saving fresh water means that there would be an overall reduction in the water bills of every household. The saved amount can be spent somewhere else.

3. If the amount of water that enters the sewers is reduced it will not only impact the life of the individual but it will also impact the life of the community at large.

Hence Nexus has taken a wonderful initiative to make sure that people don’t run out of the water. Water is a very necessary natural resource that is highly essential for our survival. People should come up with the similar initiative to make sure that we don’t run out of the water as without it no living being can survive it live its life to the fullest. Not only water but also other natural resources should also be preserved in a similar manner. Nexus targets mainly California but gradually the system would penetrate into other countries as well.