“I want to stop something exploitative, divisive and dishonest” — conversation with a Leaver
Oliver Humpage

Thanks Oliver for taking the time to share your Dad’s views. I too voted leave but my partner has been finding it hard to ‘get’ my views; so I am going to try to get him to read this and fingers crossed it may help him.

Personally I am very glad to see your introduction explaining your Dad:
 “It’s safe to say he’s also pretty left-wing. He’s definitely not xenophobic or racist. For the past few years he has railed against the EU and migration”.

This really is me in a nutshell, and obviously I would like to think I am pretty intelligent too (but obviously I am not to be the judge of that); so its nice to know there are similar minded people out there (as I have struggled with the fact nearly all my peers (18–25 group) where remain, and have little or no time to understand my views.

Your Dads point of “That’s what drives people into the arms of fascists; if you consistently won’t listen to what they say, they’ll find someone who will.” was very pressing. I have felt like I will vote UKIP next general election if they ignore this Leave vote; and having voted Lib Dem (before loan debacle), and Green in previous elections this really is a far cry from my true views. Now I know why I feel this way, I at least feel less confused and shocked at myself; but still question whether I would do it. At least if I did we could vote them out next time (as opposed to the EU); but it is a real strange conflict of thought I have been having.

The last thing I want to do is support UKIP, but if its what I have to do to leave the EU, then I am scared I will; and as someone who is about as left as it comes, I believe I wouldn’t be the only one.

But thanks again to You & your Dad for revealing why I am so mentally torn atm, and for providing me something to show my Partner.

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