Want to start tidying up your Google account and don’t know where to start? Do you have multiple Google accounts and not sure what each one stores on you? I wanted to create a guide pinpointing areas in Google Accounts related to privacy and security. These options are important to be aware of especially if you have more than one account and if you are syncing your accounts with your phone or tablet and if anyone else has access to these. …

Why are we writing about Airbnb?

As InfoSec professionals, we are always on the move, travelling to training, conventions, and speaking engagements. Sometimes professional events require an overnight stay and for this, Airbnb is a cheap and tempting option. Focusing on the cozy amenities in a home-away-from-home can sometimes cause us to overlook the privacy concerns that can arise. This blog wondersmith_rae and I have been working on, is an examination of the public information available on Airbnb, what OSINT can be done with this information, and the overall privacy concerns when using the site.

First, let’s get to know the company. Airbnb is a peer-to-peer lodging company based in the U.S. that allows registered hosts to provide hospitality services from their property. Guests are able to book a stay in a host property, as well as view and book local experiences and restaurant reservations via the Airbnb platform. Hosts may list either their own home or a rented home but the rules are very strict and require many certifications and agreements. …


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