Cut him from me

Scrape his name off my back

Clean my ribcage

Remove it from my chest

And, feed it to the hungry dogs

That scurry my doorstep everynight.

Slice him off me

Exhale him from my throat

Peel my wind pipe

Till all that remains is flesh and bones

Flesh and bones

And, not the scent of his musky skin.

Pierce my belly with sharp edged knives

Lacerate him from me

Untie the knots in my veins

Rip him from my bloodstream

Scrape him from my cells

Shrink him

Shun him

Shovel him to leave

For my back is bent and my breath is heavy

My stomach is full and my hands are empty

I am on my knees, Lord,

I am singing a prayer

Like a soul possessed by a demon

Begging him to leave

Just so, he stays.

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